Vacuming a smooth bag

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Vacuming a smooth bag

Vacuming a smooth bag

Bags suitable for a vacuum machine have a structure inside that keeps them open so the air can be sucked out.

A professional machine does not need that. It simply presses the air out from the outside. They can also be used with bags that are smooth on the inside. The simple equipment for normal people cannot do this.

So I bought very nice air and light resistant bags that should be suitable for every machine. So I also bought a "semi professional" apparatus.

No way Jose. The machine sucks and closes the bag before the air is removed.

So what can I do? Of course the internet had plenty solutions. Just google.

I was not covincend and did some experimentation. The best option (Not found on the web) was mentioned in the manual of my vacuum machine. Who reads these things?

This is what you do:

  • Hold the bag between thumbs and index fingers at the sides near the opening.
  • Roll the bag slightly to create a wrinkle. The side is not really the side anymore.
  • Place the bag in the machine and watch it as it sucks out the air.
  • Seal the bag a little longer or hotter as you would normally do.


The user manual picture.



A bit difficult to see but this is the wrinkle on the left side.




Not a very smart move for a smoker but as you can see it works also for different smooth bags.

Does it work for every machine? I am not sure. In case you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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