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Brewing beer at home: The Second Pils Experiment

Brewing beer at home: The Second Pils Experiment

With a great result I must add.

Some time ago I tried to make a pilsner without the proper equipment. I do not have a location to ferment at the proper low temperature and therefore it does not make sense to use a lager yeast. It would produce too many esters which does not fit a pilsner.

So I tried something else. I tried champagne yeast because it ferments very well in wines. The result was a nice beer but obviously not a pilsner.

So this time I decided to use a more normal yeast. In this case Fermentis US 05 because it does not produce a lot of esters and it ferments to a dry beer.

The result is great. The champagne pilsner was a funny experiment but this is much better. It has a nice light hoppy aroma. The bitterness suits the type of beer very well. Not too bitter but definitely there. There are no aroma’s from the yeast or esters. It is very neutral. Since the alcohol level is not too high it is a very drinkable beer. The head is very good and the head retention is better than all my previous beers. I am sure that I will make this beer again.



The drying foam is hanging on to the glass forever

The recipe is exactly the same as the previous experiment. The only difference is the yeast. And it is obvious that the yeast is of great importance.

So here is the recipe:

    Amount 15L
    Efficiency 68%
    IBU 24
    EBC 8
    Starting SG 1047
    End SG Oops. Forgot to measure
    ABV 5,3%?


    3,5kg Pils malt 3 EBC
    11 g Brewers gold from Turkey 9,5% for 75 min
    4 g Aroma from Turkey 8 % just after boiling
    11 g Fermentis US 05
    2 g CaCl
    2 g Citric acid


    62 C for 45 min, 72 C for 15 min, 78 C for 5 min.

Boiling time

    75 min

Priming sugar

    8 g/L


    No chilling after boiling.
    Fermentation at room temperature

Probably this beer is somewhere in between a blond and pilsner. The bitterness is there, the hop aroma is there but not very outspoken. It is a nice simple very drinkable beer. The head retention is very good. I think that it is the best beer I made so far.



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