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The Dutch eel smoking championship




Who knew that something like this exists? Since I became addicted to smoking I wanted to be here. I had no idea what to expect. Yes, there would be eels, and smoke. That was for sure.

Would anybody be interested? No idea.. Few hundred people?







Not really. Thousands of people will be smelling like a fireplace!

And I understand it. I can't really specify what is so great about this event, but I had a great time. The first impression is funny. From far away you can see the sky turning white. Dozens of fantastic Mad Max creations making great scents and a lot of smoke. It looks a bit surreal. A whole street filled with eels!







Of course I was there to learn something. The internet was not very helpful when I was looking for a recipe for smoked eel. That is: I found recipes but all of them were completely different. I guess it is the way the WWW says: You're on your own!

I also did not learn a lot here. Everybody uses a different method. And some participants are obviously less serious than other. The only conclusions I reached were: Drying the eels is important and smoking at a temperature of approximately 70 C.






My knowledge is very limited but when the tails curl it is too hot during the drying.


After my first steps with the balcony smoker it is about time for the real deal. I ordered an  adult model. I can't wait to try it!

I'll be in touch!





Of course you cannot leave without bringing something home





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