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Making wine at home: The Cork!

Making wine at home: The Cork!

Which is the best; A cork or a screw cap? For years a big discussion in the world of wine. Cork slowly lets air through. This improves the wine and it becomes more balanced. The screw cap should not do this. As far as I know this information is not correct and screw caps have a linet that can let a bit air in the bottle. This discussion is out of my league. Which is better? No idea. Perhaps it even depends on the wine.

However I can say which is more fun. Obviously the cork is much nicer. Uncorking is a small ritual that belongs to a good wine. The plop creates expectations and sets the mood. You take the time to enjoy the moment.



But that is also not what I wanted to discuss.

I wanted to talk about a myth that may not be known by "normal" people. The myth is that you cannot store wine standing up. It seems a bit far fetched to me. Closed is closed right?

The idea behind this myth is that de cork is dry when the bottle is standing and when it dries out it lets air pass through. The air oxidizes the wine and it goes bad.

I believed that this was nonsens until I bottled a batch of elderberry wine. I did not have place and was forced to leave the bottles.

When I opened a bottle I noticed that the wine was not as nice as I expected. Not a disaster but simply not as good. It took me a while to link the facts but after some time I realized that the bottle had been standing for a long time!

What a surprise: The myth is correct: You can't store a wine standing up!

Another lesson learned.



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