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My Teeth may not be Beautiful…

My Teeth may not be Beautiful…

But they are still there!


You have to love the internet. Everybody with a computer can ventilate any opinion. Even I can!


Not too long ago I stumbled on a movie. A big cola person was butchered by a reporter because of the huge amount of sugar in cola. He had no answer.



Even though the answer could be quite simple. In apple juice there is just as much sugar!


So why blame cola? You can order a small one!


A small googling session told me that alcohol is supposed to be bad for your teeth. Especially the strong drinks mixed with for example cola.

White wine also did not do very well.

Red wine a little better but it still is bad for your teeth. Unacceptable of course, so I continued googling. With some success: I actually found a study that says that red wine can even have a positive effect on the health of your teeth because it kills bacteria. (Don’t you love the internet?)


The main reason that “the internet” thinks that alcoholic drinks are bad for teeth is the high acidity. Apparently acid makes your teeth weak. It is also a bad idea to brush them just after a drink because they are vulnerable at that moment.

Sugar is another bad ingredient because it is a source of energy for bacteria that form plaque.


But what about alcohol? Alcohol, as a molecule, is not too far away from sugar. Does that harm my teeth? Since lots of mouthwash products contain alcohol I assume that alcohol itself has no negative effects on teeth.


So what would be drinks that you should not drink if you want to keep your teeth? As far as I know acid and sugar are the main destructive forces. So please note that I am only comparing the drinks on the basis of sugar and pH. You have to decide for yourself if you believe that this is right, or not entirely, or entirely not.


During these tests I found out that the results of the pH meter that I use is getting more unreliable when the pH decreases. However even if they are not as accurate as I would like, it still places the drinks in the right order.

One thing to consider is that the pH scale works globally as follows: pH 5 means 10 times more acid than pH 6. pH 4 means 10 times more acid than pH 5. So in cola there is 10 times more acid than in red wine.



105 gr/l

pH 2,7



114 gr/l

pH 3,3


7 Up

110 gr/l

pH 3,3


White wine

0 gr/l

pH 3,4


Fresh orange juice

85 gr/l

pH 3,5


Red wine

0 gr/l

pH 3,7


Apple juice

100 gr/l

pH 3,9


Sport drink

70 gr/l

pH 4,1



10 gr/l

pH 4,3



48 gr/l

pH 7,2



0 gr/l

pH 7,9



Blood? No data available/


Time to draw some conclusions:

The winner is cola. High acidity and a lot of sugar. Your teeth are in hell.

Wines may be rather acidic but have little or no sugar so still better than very popular soft drinks.

Beer is a good choice for the drinker who still has his own teeth.

And then there is wodka. No sugar and no acid. This could be my new tooth paste!


Yet completely misunderstood by the internet. Sites tell me that wodka red bull is a terrible drink for your teeth. The worst part is that this is not incorrect. Everything with red bull is terrible for teeth!

A more accurate statement would be: Red bull makes your teeth rot and mixing it with wodka does not help!



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