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LG Hom Bot repair. A problem has been found in the suction motor

LG Hom Bot repair. A problem has been found in the suction motor




A disaster. The robot has broken down. I love that thing. It knows the way and it cleans quite good. I appreciate the design. It may be "just" a vacuum cleaner bit seriously clever. It does not fall from the stairs, doesn't crash into the wall, it know exactly under which items it can fit. I know people who have some trouble with that.


When I just bought it I would turn off the tv to watch the robot. The Hom Bot studies the lay out of your house and cleans it systematically. I found it fascinating to watch it driving around.


Of course it cannot be completely perfect. When it comes acros shoe laces or cables, it will eat them. But as I stated before: I know people with the same problems.



The moment I saw it at work I decided that when it would break I would buy another the next day. That's how much I like it.


And unfortunately that day arrived. The LG Hom Bot had a problem and shouted at me: “ A problem has been found in the suction motor “. It refused to work.

Impressive that a vacuum cleaner can tell you where it hurts. Other things just stop.

But that is difficult to accept without a fight.


Things are never completely broken


You can fix things. If you are lucky. And if you cannot fix them you can at least try. You will learn something, and demolishing things can be very relaxing. You can only win!


I had no idea what the suction motor would be but a few minutes with Google made that clear.


And again I was pleasantly surprised. How service friendly is this thing. With two screw drivers you can reach the heart of the machine.


When I opened it I found that the fan of the suction motor was stuck in its casing. Not really because I could release it with the slightest effort. Was that the solution to the problem? Could it be that simple? Well, yes!


After reassembling everything was working again. Oke, the first 3 seconds it sounded like the drill of a dentist combined with an espresso machine, but after that it ran perfectly.




A 10 minute job and the Hom Bot does the boring jobs again.


Completely happy. And a great little movie.





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