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Is alcohol healthy?

Is alcohol healthy?

A little over 10 years ago I started making wine. I read a lot about it and also about whether it was healthy or not. I found a lot of research that made me feel good. A few were not as positive but all together the results were surprisingly reassuring.

I started reading this scientific document but unfortunately I am not enough scientist to understand it. The part that I do understand is the message in this graph.








A so-called J curve. On the horizontal axis the amount of consumed alcohol and the vertical one can be called "health" I suppose. Drinking moderate amounts increases your life span. When you drink a bit more this positive effect disappears. And when you drink even more it becomes unhealthy.

The mayor conclusion that I pick up from this is: A moderate drinker is living a healthier life than the abstainer. Great news right?

Some time ago I client who is also a friend, asked me: "My cholestorol is a bit high. Is drinking beer good for me?"

I answered him: "I may not be a doctor but I prescribe it to all my patients."


I googled just for fun and I found a page that is typical for the days we live in. (Sorry that it is in Dutch)


It is the first hit in google and it must be the number one worthless pag on the whole internet. It opens with: Alcohol and cholestorol are no friends.

The writer continues to explain that 2 glasses alcohol per day improves the good cholestorol (HDL), and that the total cholestorol increases when you drink more than 2 glasses.

Then he reaches the conclusion that it is not adviceable to drink a lot of alcohol.


He twists and turns his own words just to say that alcohol is bad for you!


And that is what is happening these days. Alcohol is in the doghouse. In England they went overboard. A few years ago doctors would advice the elderly to drink a glass a day. And younger people also received the blessing: Three glasses per day for the men, and two glasses for the women was fine.

Now the policy is that each drop of alcohol is one too many. Every english person: Please stop drinking NOW!


Right. That is going to happen!


But what is the truth? Google it. You can find every answer that you are looking for. In the mean time I will find comfort in one of my favorite quotes.


“There are more old drunkards than old doctors.”


Benjamin Franklin.



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