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Making wine at home: Elderflower Wine

Making wine at home: Elderflower Wine

Elderberries are a gift to the wine maker. The berries are great for making a red wine. The flowers are also a great source for making a white wine.

The recipe is perhaps a bit vague but I did not find a clearer one at that time. I made this wine more than 7 years ago. In some way I regret making wine from the flowers because there will be no berries after picking the flowers.






The recipe for 25 liter

  • 2,5 liter elderflower (A very strange unit for measuring elderflower but that was what I was given.)
  • 5350 gram sugar. Since the flowers do not supply any sugar you have to add a lot. This should give 11,9% alcohol.
  • 150 gram acid. Also no acid in the flowers. This should give about 6 gram per liter in the wine
  • Yeast nutrition. Wine from flowers is a challenge for yeast so you should add nutrition.
  • 3 gr Tannine Blanc. Nowadays I do not add tannin to white wine but in this case it is not out of place since this is already a special wine
  • White wine yeast


  • Day 1. Place the flowers in a plastic bag with some sulphite. The idea is that the white leaves can be removed from the green stems.
  • Place the flowers with pectolytic enzymes in 5 liter water. Prepare a starter.
  • Day 2. 26 gr citric acid, 30 gr malic acid, 28 gr tartaric acid, 3 gr tannine, 15 gr nutrition, 2 kg sugar added to the most and water to 15 liter. Added the starter.
  • Day 5. Removed the flowers. Added 14 gr citric acid, 10 gr malic acid, 22 gr tartaric acid, 9 gr nutrition, and 3 kg sugar. Water to 21 liter.
  • Later water to 25 liter.

The result

After about 6 months the wine is finished. For an average wine drinker it takes some time to get used to it. Which does not mean that it is a bad wine, but the modern person is not able to handle change very well. The wine has a very strong flavour and aroma of flowers. I wrote Wild, Natural, and Powerful especially for a white wine in my notes.

Perhaps a bit acidic.


Next time I would use a bit less acid.

The wine is interesting. A lot of taste but as mentioned before: Not a wine for everybody. Elderflower is a very nice addition to an otherwise bit plain wine. Add a few grams to apple wine!

You may have noticed that the total weight of acids is not 150 grams. Since malic acid and citric acid are more powerful the total is equal to 150 gram tartaric acid.

These days I would not take so many steps. I think it is not necessary to prepare 5 liter, 15 liter, 21 liter, and finally 25 liter.

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